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Photo of the Birchwood In The Poconos
Photo of the Birchwood In The Poconos

Description of Birchwood In The Poconos: Birchwood Resort is a couple's only getaway. "Rekindle an old flame or start a new fire," is the motto of the Birchwood. Variously themed private cottages are available for a single night or a whole weekend. Most cottages are situated on the resort's own lake. You'll appreciate the wonderful views nearly as much as the time away.

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Traveler Reviews of Birchwood In The Poconos

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501 WEST 143RD STREET #3

Still operatonal?

We stayed there thirty years ago in one of your cottages. Are you still open for business? Please send brochure info to us at
106 Sarah Court
Lewisberry, PA 17339

Thank you

Our honeymoon

Our Honeymoon was at the Birchwood over 31 years ago. Please send information to:
441 Indian Crest Drive
Harleysville, Pa 19438

Thank You.

we would like to revisit where we spent our 39 yrs ago.Cant get through by phone or by 800 number are you still in buisness

Would like to revisit our honeymoon place.
Please email me information. Telephone contacts are not functional.

Return Visit

We spent our honeymoon at Birchwood 35 years ago in May and wanted to come back for a visit to celebrate our Anniversary, however I believe I read that you are closed...is this true? If not, we would love to have information on making reservsations. Thank you


we spent our honeymoon there 31 years ago. We would like to come back.Can u send us some brochures.Thank You HC 115 Delray Wv. #26714

Birchwood is Closed

As of 2004, possibly before that, Birchwood has been closed. Talk in todays paper of developing the site as an indoor waterpark/hotel!

heart broken couple

My husband and I just recently visit the Pocono's this past July. We were very upset and Heart broken that the Birchwood is closed. I wish someone could fix it up and make it the place it once was and not turn it into a waterpark/hotel. WE like it to stay peacful. Also we miss our favortie cabin # 214 near the lake. The dining area was pretty and cozy. And we liked the fact that the staff rememmber our names. That is why we like to come back again and again. sign Ada and Andy Bauer(Heart's Broken couple)

What a SHAME !!!

We went to Birchwood for our honeymoon almost 39 years ago. It was in October, and the place was gorgeous.The meals were fantastic, and the Dining Room was elegant. There was no bar, but on Wednesday evening you could bring a bottle of wine.
Birchwood was a romantic, fun loving place. The grounds were beautiful and included well lit paths and a covered foot bridge. Great activities were planned each day and most guests participated.
We went back for our 15th Anniversary, just to have dinner. It was beginning to go downhill back then, but we still had a nice visit.
We are very much saddened by the turn of events that led to its closing.
Thanks For The Memories, Birchwood.

Our Special Place

My wife found Birchwood in a bridal magazine and we went there on our honeymoon in Oct. of 73. Had a wonderfull time. Accomodations, staff, food, and amemities couldn't have been better. We didn't realize it at the time, but it became our special place over the years. Went back for our 10th, won a two night stay and returned the following June. Regretably we didn't go back until the mid 90's but returned almost every fall through 2002. They closed for renovations, or so we thought shorty afterward. We still made the trip to the area in the fall to keep an eye on the place (5 times since) hoping it would reopen.
Looks like there is a slim to none chance of that now with the new owners planning a waterpark hotel complex. We have many fond memories of our special place and would trade anything for a chance to go back.

Honeymoon in 1982

How sad to see the photos of the over-grown and run-down Birchwood Resort. Here is a link to the photos.


Then to read that it was rented out to S&M couples who were in to sex fetishes, spankings and kinky sexual escapades, really made me sick. Seems the Pocono area is now into this S&M thing all over the area if you read about Birchwood Poconos Fetishes on the net.

The link to this information is below.


How this wonderful honeymoon resort turned to greed to rent the place to the S&M world..no wonder it is up for sale.

Honeymooner's in 1972

So sad we cannot go back to celebrate our 40th....if you reopen send information to:
Gail and Del Januskiewicz
525 Highview Dr
Charleston, ME 04422


Iwent there on september 1967 for honeymoon and
it was wonderful, and I would like to know if it
still open, hoping receiving an answer BYE JACK

I love this place

Are you still open? If you are can you email me a brocure or something?

Soooo sad that Birchwood is closed. We found this beautiful peaceful place by accident and stayed there. We loved it! We loved it so much that we had our wedding ceremony there in the main dining room and it was so beautifully decorated that we didnt even need flowers there. Had our honeymoon there too. Wish they would bring it back to what it used to be NOT another big flashy, pricey place. Wish the owner would consider this but of course as always... the greed prevails! SO disappointing ! we have beautiful memories though, and pictures! Thanks Birchwood

50 years ago

My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Birchwood
everything was first class. We have been married
50 years ,wish it was still available.

I wish!

My wife and I spent our August Honeymoon here back in 1999. Weve since moved many miles away. This coming July we will be in the area. I was very saddened to hear Birchwood was closed, I had hoped my lovely wife and I could spend the night there. Rekindle some of the passion we had our honeymoon week. It was an amazing week!! And an amazing place for love!

missing all the good times

always loved going to birchwood, whether it was
summer or winter. enjoyed the nightclub with live
bands. the food was always delicious. also; enjoyed talking with Chip.the rooms were always
nice and right by the lake, it was so private and
cozy. I really wish that they hadn't closed, we
would still be going there if it was still open.

MOst Beatiuful

My husband and I spent our tenth anniversary there and have been back several times. We are now married 45 years and we'er hoping it was still open for our fiftyth. I understand it is run down now and plan for a waterpark are in the works. to bad.

I wish I can own it and reopen it to what it was

I use to work there and I miss everybody.I work there for a short time. I wish that I could afford to own the place to reopen and keep it the way it was. I miss everyone.it's a beaitful place it's sad that there are turning it to a park. I f they wanted a waterpark camelbeach is less then 15 minutes away why another one? Makes no sense

So sad they closed.Went there July 79 for our honeymoon wanted to go back for our 35. Does anyone have pictures to post from before it was run down?




we stayed at Birchwood in July 1987 for our honeymoon and went back the next year and for our 5th year would love to go back. Please reopen it

Our honeymoon Sept. 1966

We spent our honeymon in sept. 1966. Stop in 1980 to show our two daughters this wonderfull place. In preperation for our 50th. anniversary we will have to look elsewhere for souvenirs. Love you all, that were also lucky enough to pass through "Birchwood".

Monique and André, Terrebonne, Qc. Canada

Honeymoon Birchwood 1963

Spent our 11th and 35th Anniversary in same chalet near the Kissing Bridge. Although already closed down in 2003, we took a photo of us in front of "our" cabin on our 40th. As we near our 50th this November, no chance, I guess, for another photo! Imagine the water park may already be in the works.
We will always treasure our very special memories of Birchwood.

Open or Not

Hi, we stayed several times over the years and always loved it, then we heard it was closed. Has it been reopened?

Are you open for business

We spent our honeymoon there in 1966 and were wondering if you are still open we would like to spend our 50th there also if so. Could you please send me any information that you have.
Alberta Wambold
64 Queensway Rd.
Rochester, N.Y. 14623

A place to remember

My wife n I honeymooned at Birchwood in 1963. We returned in 1988 for our 25 anniversary. By this time it had been sold by the original owner Wally. The facilities were the same however, most were in need of repair, and upgrading. I knew if the current owner didn't upgrade it would be just a matter of time for it to close. We had such wonderful times there, no liquor was allowed at the time they didn't even have a bar. But that didn't stop us teenagers from going to town to get beer n wine for the cottages n celebrate. The food was great n the staff were very friendly n accommodating. And every Saturday evening all the couples were required to come to dinner formally dressed. The private plane ride for a tour of the area For the couples was a once in a lifetime experience for some people. Fantastic place to spend a honeymoon not far from home. Very fond memories. If Jimmy n Pat or Diane n Casey c this please e-mail me.

Honeymoon for our 50th

Back in Sept. 1966 we honeymooned at the Pocono Mountains at Birchwood....In Sept. 2016 we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and thought it would be wonderful to revisit the place where our marriage began...Please e-mail us any information you may have..Thank you

Our Special Place, Again?

Birchwood is up for sale again. Apparently the water park was a "wash-out". . . pardon the pun. So now we can only hope that someone is willing to invest a boatload of money and time to bring it back. Maybe there would be a market for some of "us" who cherish where it all began to 'buy" into a 55 + active adult community retaining some of the original buildings and amenities to live out our golden years? Who needs Florida anyway?
Keith & Toni '73'

Additonal info.

My husband and I honeymooned at Birchwood in 1983. We also returned several times since then and loved each visit!!! Then kids happened!! We were in the area last summer and found Birchwood again, but with great heart-break! It was truly painful to see the condition it is in. Here is a link to the real estate listing for Birchwood, and there are photos. It is indeed up for sale, $3M. I'm hoping someone will restore it and we can all enjoy a visit once again.

feeling nostalgic

My husband and I honeymooned there in Oct 1977. Tomorrow we will be married 37 years. We went back a couple of times and were greatly saddened the last time we did, as they were on the verge of closing. We did find the spot where we had carved our initials and wedding date inside the covered bridge. Thinking maybe we should make a trip there and remove the board for old times sake. Wouldn't that be a nice piece of nostalgia?

Great Memories

We honeymooned there in August 1968 and returned a few years later with a group of six friends who had also honeymooned there. One was visibly pregnant at the time and we had a lot of laughs about that. The food, activities and staff were great and we are sorry to learn that it has closed. Apparently, based on the comments above, Birchwood gave us all a good start since many of us have been married a long time!

Missing our Honeymoon Spot

We honeymooned there in July 1964 and made some lasting memories.
Would love to see the place restored but still plan on passing by on one of our trips from Boston to Pittsburgh.

"Hoping to See Birchwood Back on the Map"

We spent our honeymoon at Birchwood April 1978, went back for an anniversary years later & found it Open but in a run down condition. Soon after we heard it closed & took a ride by to see for ourselves, Very Disappointed! High grass, everything in need of repair & a For Sale sign on the property.
Now October 2014 .. we find out that a fugitive Eric Frien was "Hiding Out" in the Birchwood airport hangar where the US Marshalls found him after searching for 7 weeks. Birchwood is back in the news, but not in a good way.
I'm still hoping someone buys it & restores it, so we can stay there again. Maybe they can make a movie on the capture of a Cop Killer that hid out there, using the actual "Birchwood" as the setting for the movie.
Birchwood .. We miss you!

Hoping to spend our 30th where it all began!

We spent our Honeymoon at Birchwood in August of 1987. Went back a few years later for a weekend retreat. It was such a peaceful place with lots to do. I still have my pictures they took at dinner by the big fireplace. Was hoping to go back for our 25th but found it was closed. Hoping to spend our 30th there.

Terribly saddend

I can't believe it's been over 14 years since we spent our honeymoon there. Found this beautiful place by chance, even though we got lost for over five hours, and when we finally made it there, a kind man, I believe his name was Alex, was still waiting for us at the front desk, and he said that he would heat us up dinner, which regretfully, we refused. I could go on and on about the unforgettable time we had, especially with the wild geese chasing us...
We will cherish these and all the fond memories from this place in a especial part of our hearts.
Hope someone will restore it and bring it to its old glory, so many more couples, like ourselves, will experience the beauty and good times that Birchwood did for us.

We have been married 50 years in May 2015. Had such a wonderful time at Birchwood and was looking forward to coming back with the friends we made on our honeymoon. We have remained friends ever since we met. Is their any chance that Birchwood will ever re-open again. Very disappointed to find it was closed. My husband and I where looking at our Birchwood photo album just the other day, such great memories.

Had a good time at Birchwood

We stayed at Birchwood on our honeymoon in late May 1977, the last week of their 'winter rates' before the higher 'summer rates' kicked in. Looking at your pictures brought back many memories. The food, paddle boats, shooting range's, tennis courts, airplane ride, private jacuzzi in our cabin, the 'dip your candles' and many other memories of our time at this fine facility. Still have the photo album from a photographer named Kathleen Flynn who guided us around the resort and took many pictures of us (mostly smooching) at many of the resort's popular spots. She wanted $5 a picture so we only bought a few when they were first ready, but on the last day we were there she reduced her price to $1 each, so we bought all that she had taken of us along with the album to put them in. We met some nice couple's while there, we even considered meeting up with one couple again at Birchwood on our 10 year wedding anniversitie's, but we never did. Wish now we would have....




We stayed in one of the little cottages with a canopy bed and fireplace!! We remember going on a wagonride, playing mini golf,dinners in the cozy restaurant, and nights at the Red Baron Lounge. Would love to hear from anyone who stayed during the week of May 25th,1980 while we were there. We live in Ohio now but would have loved to visit there again if it was not closed down!!

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